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Career Training Opens Doors in Fast Growing Fields

Education opens doors. Those who don't have a quality education often find themselves on the outside looking in, especially in trying economic times. Advancing your current career or starting a new one doesn't have to be out of reach. At CSI, our career and certificate programs can create opportunities in some of the fastest growing fields. Our faculty is focused on student success, and they've helped thousands of students from Chicago and the greater Chicago area enhance their skills and move on to exciting careers in healthcare, business and computer networking. For students who need a little help paying for school, CSI offers scholarships, stipends and financial aid to those who qualify. We also understand that some people just don't have four years to wait to start a new career. Our quick and accelerated certificate programs helps students focus only on the classes that they need and get out into the job market as quickly as possible. International students can take advantage of CSI's unique ESL program designed to immerse students in American language and culture and prepare them for careers in fast-growing American industries. Whether you are looking to get ahead in your chosen career, or start a new career from scratch, contact CSI today to get started.

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