Trumbull Business College

Mission Statement

Trumbull Business College is a teaching and learning institution whose primary mission is to provide business and specific medical career education on campus to the citizens of Northeastern Ohio. The college’s programs of study enable students to expand their skills, knowledge, attitudes, and the work ethics essential for securing and maintain employment. At the same time, our goal is to assist them in developing as appreciated contributors to the well-being of the community. We attempt to provide support that identifies and removes potential barriers for individuals who demonstrate a genuine desire to pursue their educational and career goals. We firmly believe that students who successfully complete one of our programs of study will have a greater opportunity of employment, a better understanding of their role in society, and a better quality of life. We will continue to pursue an active partnership with local businesses, industries, medical facilities, and governmental and public service agencies as we believe it will assure greater quality and validity of our services. It will also maximize the effectiveness of our collective effort toward our community’s economic growth and development.

We work to accomplish this mission through application of the following goals:

  • By preparing graduates so that they can successfully compete, at a minimum, for entry-level positions in business and industry in the shortest possible time.
  • By providing hands-on skill training for job opportunities within the community.
  • By helping students gain self-confidence and the self-motivation necessary to succed in the workplace.
  • By provide opportunities for students to develop work ethics compatible with the expectations of employers.

Trumbull Business College has been serving the community since 1972 by offering degrees, diplomas, and continuing education programs.

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